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. governor jerry brown announced yesterday the shortfall and nearly twice what was expected and he's warning bigger cuts and higher taxes could be on the way. abc7 news reporter john alston shows us the potential impact. >> reporter: next weekend seniors at san francisco state are set to graduate, but students who still have more time to go are bracing for more cuts and higher tuition. students like kenny lee, who is thinking about finding another part-time job. >> i want to get one more part-time job even though i am already working around 15 hours a week now. probably i will ned to get one more just to support myself and to pay my tuition. >> this latest jolt came from governor brown who released this video, announcing that $9 billion budget deficit predicted in january has now ballooned to $16 billion. he says tax revenues have not increased as much as expected because the economy has not bounced back. the governor used the opportunity to make another sales pitch for his november tax initiative. >>> the plan as high income earners to pay up to 3% more in their income taxes for seven years
and the governor who makes $174,000 a year. governor brown is projecting a nearly 16 billion dollar budget shortfall for the next fizz cal -- fiscal year. panel members are pointed by the governor and will meet to discuss cutting officials' pay may 31st. the berkeley city council set to vote on standard mutual aid agreement for the police department to decide whether to answer other requests for help. they want to make it clear the city will not offer mutual aid on political demonstrations like the one during the occupy occupy -- the occupy oakland protests and occupy cal demonstrations last fall. officials want berkeley police to handle civil disobedience as if it were managing an event and the police to call off mutual atmosphere does not provide human rights safeguards. later today san ramon residents will sound off on proposed curfew for minors ordinance would allow police to write citations to kids who miss school without a valid reason. repeat offenders will face fines from $100 to $500. the d.a.'s office says the curfew will help reduce crime. a public hearing scheduled in san ramon
. >>> worsening poll numbers for governor brown. survey showing the governor's approval rating is in trouble. >>> downtown oakland cafe hit hard by occupy protests shuts its doors why the civil unrest has nothing to do with the closure. >> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. >>> this morning san francisco place arrested a man for a carjacking and robbery after a chase across the bay bridge the suspect's car a white ford van was found on west grand near burma road. officers arrested one they are still looking for one more. >>> this morning there are growing signs of uncertainty at hewlett-packard after hp announced the largest round of lay-offs in its 73 year history. the computer company is cutting 27,000 jobs or 8% of its worldwide workforce a sign it can no longer compete with the popularity of smartphones tablets and other mobile devices it could save 3 1/2 billion dollars annually. >>> more people say governor brown is doing a bad job than saying he's doing a good job. the poll shows 43% disapprove of the job governor brown is doing. 42% approve. last month his appro
it racist. the ad features kutcher in brown make-up looking for love it was taken off after angry e-mails began coming in. other ads with kutcher portraying, stoner, tattooed southerner and pale fashionista are still online. a spokeswoman says the ads were not meant to offend. >>> next, the new feature that could make one of san francisco's most troubled neighborhoods safer. >> restaurant that won't be open this morning after a serious overnight accident. >>> it is what every caltrain rider wants to hear. the new proposal that could put more trains on the rails. why some say it is a bad idea. >>> we have rain still a possibility for flight arrival delays here in san francisco. philadelphia flight arrival delays now check out abc7news.com. -dad, why e you getting that? -that's my cereal. is there a prize in there? oh, there's prize, all right. is it a robot? no. is it a jet plane? nope. is it a dinosaur? [ laughs ] [ male announcer ] inside every box of heart healthy cheerios are the great tasting little o's made from carefully selected oats that can help lower cholesterol. stickers?
. >>> brace yourself. governor brown says he will announce deeper cuts than expected when he explains how he plans to close a 16 billion dollar budget deficit. he delivered the bad news over the weekend in this video posted on youtube. he announced the gap has grown from nine billion dollars to 16 billion dollars. sales tax revenue has been va:less than expected. this morning at 10:00, he will describe which cuts he will headache in state spending. lawmakers have[ba until june 15 to pass a budget. >>>çq breaking news out of napa. a police officer shot at a suspect during a foot chase at about 10:50 last night in the 2100 block of parish road. the suspect was taken to the hospital where he's being treated. unclear why the suspect was shot. we will bring you more on this breaking story as soon as we get more information. >>> san francisco police investigating gunfire involving their police officers. two officers heard a woman screaming near the intersection of fremont and mission. they came upon a woman struggling with a man. one officer fired at the man after he pulled out a handgun. the sus
at $38. the "los angeles times" reports the brown administration does not intend to redo its revenue forecast because the price will continue to fluctuate. >>> police continue to hunt for the gunman who shot an oakland high school student the 18-year-old was among a group of students hanging out afterschool at park and mcarthur. a plan of man in dreadlocks opened fire on them hitting the victim in the leg. a spokesman said the victim was the intended target police have not revealed a motive the teen is recovering. it is the third gun-related incident at oakland high this year. >>> contra costa county deputy d.a. accused of assaulting a colleague is fighting back. prosecutors initially charged him with 13 criminal counts, including rape after the 2008 incident. a judge dismissed the case in october. he is suing the state, the county and the city of martinez. he claims the charges were politically might ed. he was fired but reinstated -- after the case was dismissed. currently he's on a leave. >>> this morning san francisco mayor lee will unveil a new two year budget plan the plan will
they are treating as a homicide. >>> first big test of governor brown's proposed new budget faces today in sacramento. >>> lawmakers in the east bay meet in an emergency session to answer what has appeared to two million dollars in state funds. >>> the action occupy the farm protesters are vowing to take today. >>> partly cloudy, near 60 along the coast low to mid 70s around the bay shore 70s to near 80 inland. a lot of 80s through the heart of the country even 70s around new york and d.c. and mid er 70s around seattle and portland phoenix 106. major airports, up in the north east, a lot of rain, no delays yet. severe weather possible around charlotte, chicago, detroit, no delays there yet. all three of our airports here and regional ones in california running on time. our flight tracker at abc7news.com, use it 24/7. >>> good morning everybody 5:30 a.m. thank you for the company i'm eric thomas. >>> and i'm kristen sze alameda county investigators at a castro valley home where a body was discovered last night. they say this is likely the community's first homicide of the year. amy holly
's worst fire seasons. this is fire awareness week declared by governor jerry brown. lisa is here to talk bat forecast, and there's nothing in the forecast that will calm people down about their fire fears if that's what is on their minds. >> we are crankling up the heated to in the inland valleys where they worry about that. concord and livermore approaching 90 today. but it's only a one-day event. we will be cooling off thanks to this, the low fog and clouds from the golden gate bridge. very low fog that's allowing visibility to be reduced to less than a mile. from the camera you can see the top of. that we are looking at 800 to 1,000 feet. 6:02 the official sunrise and setting at 8:11. you have a neat picture, and we will look for the summertime spread today with numbers about 30 to 35 degrees from the coast to the inland valleys. it's in the mid-50s on the peninsula and fremont and 56 in mountain view. 56 for san jose and 46 the cool spot in napa and 54 by the delta. we are looking at the reduced visibility here. three quarters of a mile. half moon bay a mile and three quarters up tow
depression, became the world's longest suspension span. governor brown said it is a lesson we shouldn't be afraid of bold projects, even in times of hardship. >> don't shrink because you have a few budget cuts or a few little taxes. suck it in. >>> what you can say about the governor, he is one great sound bite. a plaque involving ellis was dedicated yesterday. some say he actually designed the bridge for nine years before being fired back in 1931. there aren't many people in the bay area who can look at the golden gate bridge and said their grandfather worked on it, and far fewer than kay he fell from it, survived and then went back to work. here's news transportation worker heather ishimaru on such a man. >> al was already a seasoned ironworker which the time this picture was taken on the san francisco bay bridge project in 1935. he cut his teeth on the original karkenus bridge in 1927. >> that was one of the first spans in the bay area. >> from there he worked on jobs across the western states not just a ironworker but a bridge men work at dizzying health, driving rivots. >> dad wo
received an honorary degree at brown university in rhode island one of nine at this weekend's commencement ceremonies in providence. others included oscar winning actress viola davis and ruth simmons. >>> still ahead, we are continuing to follow breaking news that we first brought you at 4:30. police chase leads to shooting in vallejo. amy hollyfield will tell us about the bizarre chain of events. >>> good good show of support for ross mirkarimi. -- not a good show of support for ross mirkarimi. good morning! wow. want to start the day with something heart healthy and delicious? you're a talking bee... honey nut cheerios has whole grain oats that can help lower cholesterol. and it tastes good? sure does! right... ♪ wow. delicious, right? yeah. it's the honey, it makes it taste so... ♪ well, would you look at the time... what's the rush? be happy. be healthy.
it is necessary to make up for state budget cuts. if governor brown's tax initiative doesn't pass in november, mid year trigger cuts to the uc system will take effect administrators say they would have to look at double digit increases. one idea is admitting more out of state students, who as you know pay more to attend. democratic senator rubio is proposing a -- constitutional amendment today prohibiting uc schools from enrolling more than 10% of out of state students. he calls the trend in the opposite direction, disturbing. it is reasonable to expect students will show up to speak out against hikes. there's a half hour public comment period. students find a way if get extra attention for their cause meeting stars 8:30 this morning. >> nothing finalized until july. >> reporter: until july. >>> this morning facebook is expected to file paperwork with the federal trade commission to expand its initial public offering there is word the social networking giant will issue another 85 million shares friday that would push the total number to 420 million. facebook could reap more than 16 billion dollars
in 1978. yesterday the preakness derby winner "i'll have another" became the first horse sense big brown to win the first two jewels of the triple crown in a fantastic again. >> i'll have another, and a dramatic preakness. can i have another get there? here he comes. to the wire! and he rides through! >> what a finish. just like the derby, i'll have another caught bodemeister from behind to win. >>> and oklahoma city goes up 3-1 on the lakers. russell westbrook was on fire. exploding to the rack. he had 37 but the lacquers still led by 7. kobe answers. next possession, hitting the long two at the horn. he had 38. lakers will go up 13 with less than 18 to play. it wasn't enough. thunder would tie it. then kevin durant, look at this. 13 seconds left. 31 for durantula. kobe pulls the trigger early on the three. no good, thunder win it, 103-100 to take the three-game series lead. and l.a. had a 24-point lead at one point over the clippers. the alley oop. 14 of his 28 in the first quarter but the spurs go on a 24-0 run. tim duncan, two of his 19. spurs win their 17th straight. 96-86. they tak
to get brown again eventually the vegetation will become a problem but not the heat in this forecast winds bringing in cooler conditions. fastest winds now out of the northwest at 24 in novato out of the north gusting to 28 at half moon bay west at 15 at sfo everybody else save santa rosa 12, less than 10 miles per hour. 20 to 30 most of the afternoon up to 45 along the coast. 7:00 this morning, mostly sunny sky, mid to upper 50s. lunchtime warmest around con order, east bay valleys, -- as we head towards 4:00, sunshine everywhere when the breezes will be the fastest upper 50s to near 60s along the coast. mid to upper 70s inland. 7:00 mid to upper 50s along the coast, san francisco, san rafael, palo alto, a lot of 60s until you get to fairfield and antioch low 70s very high amount of grass pollen today. breezy thursday cooling trend will end friday with a chance of showers very, very small chance. warming trend with more sunshine saturday and through the holiday weekend. frances has a new crash. >>> chp just arrived at the scene of this head-on coll in the byron brentwood area. both
kirton's death. >>> new poll out showing california voters continue to back governor brown's call for higher taxes to cut the deficit but distrust of state government could erode that support. new poll shows 59% of those surveyed would support the governor's plan with spending cuts, 36% oppose. when it was suggested to likely vote there's lawmakers could spend the new revenue on things other than schools and public safety only 50% support the initiative. 42% say they would vote against it. >>> golden state warriors plan to return to san francisco by the 2017 season could be costly. they could still be on the hook for up to 70 million dollars to help pay back bonds used to renovate the arena in the 90s. under the warriors' lease if the team pulls out for any reason, before the construction bonds are retired in 2026 they still owe the money that's the city's stance. the new owners appear to take a position they are only libel for payments until the lease runs out. >>> don't let the grey fool you later on it going to heat up. >> definitely. right now not much wind. >> good news for t
month and seeking protection inside the u.s. embassy inside beijing >> governor brown ordered the flag of the state capitol to be flown at half staff tuesday to honor a student from alameda who was killed in afghanistan. yesterday a group of veterans was at the oakland international airport to receive the body of 34-year-old staff sergeant thomas fogerty. he was killed about a week ago. his parents, wife and two sons were also there to receive the two caskets. the vets form a group of motorcycle riders who honor fallen soldiers. >> we are all good patrons and veterans and it is our job to come out and honor them whether it's good or bad. >> he was going for a third time. we didn't even get a chance really to find out much about where he was because he passed away only three weeks after he got in the country. >>> the motorcycle group escorted fogrerty's casket to the funeral home. >>> this morning there's a recall of let us that may be tainted by listeria. we are talking about ranch shredded iceberg let us. it's sold under farm stand, market site and frisco. the bags are dated may 12th
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